Lex Account Team SRL

societate de consultanță și expertiză contabilă


SC LEX ACCOUNT TEAM S.R.L. is a consultancy and accountancy company, registered with the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants, which provides accounting services, tax consultancy, payroll and personnel, economic and financial analysis, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our accounting firm is focused on the full representation of our clients, our services being permanently and exclusively directed towards improving and perfecting the client’s activity from all points of view.

Our company also assumes the responsibility for the correctness of the accounting records and guarantees the confidentiality of the information communicated by the client or obtained for them, even after the collaboration ceases.

Professional accountancy and financial services

  • synthetic and analytical accounting, by chronological registration of the primary documents;
  • elaboration of the monthly verification balance;
  • registry-journal preparation, register-inventory, VAT logbooks;
  • drawing up and submitting the monthly, quarterly and annual statements on taxes and fees due;
  • preparation and submission of annual financial statements;
  • providing assistance in organizing and maintaining accounting;
  • design and implementation of accounting policies and procedures and the accounting plan adapted for the company;
  • restoration of accounting records.

If mistakes have been made, if accounting information does not reflect reality, if you think your statements are mistakenly drawn up, our accounting firm also offers bookkeeping restoration services.

Other services

  • calculation of taxes and contributions due by employees and the employer;
  • drawing up of payroll and payment orders of taxes and contributions due;
  • drawing up and filing statements of salary contributions;
  • registration and completion of the Employee Evidence Register;
  • advice on the preparation of personnel files.

Payroll and staff

  • assisting the company during tax audits;
  • analysis of financial flows and cash-flow;
  • analysis of the situation of debts and receivables;
  • preparing financial reports needed to obtain credits;
  • providing assistance for the organization of the financial-accounting department, document circuits and financial-accounting policies;
  • obtaining tax certificates.


Given the reason that taxes are a “necessary evil”, we can help you interpret tax legislation.

How is it determined and when the taxes and duties levied by the state are paid, what kind of statements should be filled in and when they have to be submitted to the tax authorities are questions that can often be difficult difficult, to which we will help you answer and get through the hurdles of tax obligations.

Taxes and charges governed by applicable law and for which we can provide any details and clarifications:

  • profit tax;
  • income tax;
  • income tax on micro-enterprises;
  • tax on income earned in Romania by non-residents;
  • value added tax;
  • excise duties;
  • taxes and local taxes;
  • social contributions.

Financial and tax advice

The organizing of the accounting processes and compliance with European requirements is the attribute of each legal person holding and managing the patrimony, initiating and deciding on commercial, economic and monetary acts, because, according to Accounting Law no.82 / 1991, the accounting must not be confused or reduced to the preparation and classification of documents or other writings, but to the financial management of companies in a manner that meets current requirements: European integration, free movement of goods and money, transparency in the use of resources, strengthening financial capacity in a competitive economy free of barriers.

The services we offer for this purpose are:

  • financial balance analysis;
  • analysis of enterprise results;
  • financial diagnosis (rate of return);
  • financial consulting and analysis of credit and leasing systems;
  • financial analysis of the results account;
  • analyzing the company’s cash-flows;
  • optimizing tax payments.


The rates applied by our accountancy company are very affordable; they are determined by the amount of work, difficulty and additional services offered to the client. For a service offer, please contact us using the contact information.


Our clients are companies from various fields: transportation, trade, car repairs, advertising, public catering, real estate, consultancy, beauty salons, artistic creation, television programming, etc.