Intellectual Property

Complete services regarding the management of intellectual property within the company.

Technical and legal assistance and representation of Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons in all proceedings before OSIM / WIPO / OHIM (documentary research on the availability of the industrial property right to be protected, the preparation of domain-specific documentation, representation for obtaining titles of protection, etc.). Elaboration, drafting and support of opposition, appeals of the decisions of the examination commissions, etc.

Specialized assistance and representation of Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons in all proceedings before the competent courts in the case of litigation concerning the violation of industrial property rights (e.g. trademark cancellation, counterfeiting / unfair competition, Presidential Ordinances, actions in criminal liability, etc.). Elaboration, drafting of specific documents and customer support / representation in litigation.

Specialized assistance and representation of natural and legal persons, Romanian or foreign, in all proceedings before the European Patent Office – Munich, for obtaining a European patent.

Specialized assistance in case of concluding acts of transmission of intellectual property rights (contracts of assignment, license, etc.). Developing contracts and representing clients’ interests in negotiations on assignment and license contracts.

Specialized assistance in the conflict between intellectual property rights (e.g. trade name versus trademark, etc.).

Renewal of acquired industrial property rights.

Assistance in the branding / rebranding process for legal research on the protection of brand elements: name, graphic symbol, other intellectual property elements.

Specialized assistance in issues related to:

  • Establishing legal relationships between employees (inventors) – employers (applicants for a patent application or application for registration of industrial designs);
  • Promoting industrial property rights;
  • Protection of industrial property rights in customs clearance operations etc.;
  • Evaluation of industrial property titles;
  • Information and data on the brand portfolio of a business or individual;
  • Monthly monitoring of trademarks to be registered by companies active in the applicant’s field of activity to reduce the risk of counterfeiting or unfair competition claims from competitors;
  • Legal representation in the mediation procedure.

Specialized legal advice.